Cat Cottage

42487 East Veldt Street
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270



Kittens on a chair 

Boarding Services

Each cat is assigned their own enclosure in one of our boarding rooms, unless a client would prefer that their cat family be boarded in one enclosure.  Our enclosures come in different sizes and heights.  We provide ceramic food and water bowls, cat litter pans, and kitty towels, blankets, and beds.  We also have kitty cubbies available for our shy boarders.  

Each boarding room has a small number of enclosures in it, so our boarders will not be exposed to the sights and sounds of a large number of other cats.  Each boarding room also has glass-paned doors so we can monitor our boarders without disturbing their sleep or play time.

Cat Litter

To keep dust levels down for kitties' more sensitive noses, we use Yesterday's News soft-textured, recycled newspaper pellet litter.  

Food Menu

Our standard food menu is a mixture of Hill's C/d and a Royal Canin Veterinary limited protein dry food and Fancy Feast canned foods.  If your cat is a finicky eater or requires a special diet, we strongly recommend that you bring a supply of your cat's regular food for boarding.  


Each boarder that stays with us is assigned their own Zoom Groom brush and brushed daily, as long as they are comfortable with being groomed.  We also have metal combs and wire brushes, but if your cat prefers its own brush or comb, please feel free to bring it for us to use. 


Each boarder that enjoys stretching his or her legs is allowed some exercise time outside their enclosure.  They are allowed to wander the boarding room, climb the cat trees, explore the counters, look out the windows, and enjoy some play time with our staff.  

Auxiliary Services

The Cat Cottage offers the following services for an additional fee.

Medication Administration

The Cat Cottage staff is trained to administer medications or offer special monitoring for your cat if needed.  Dr. Sell is also available for monitoring boarders if there are any concerns that your cat may require further medical treatment from its regular veterinarian.

Grooming Services

We are happy to provide additional grooming services, such as toe nail trims and minor mat removal, during your cat's stay.